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Vikings Mega Buzz: "All Bets Are Off" For Rollo's Explosive Return

Get ready for a very different Rollo

Sadie Gennis

When Vikings returns, it will give us a new season and a whole new Rollo (Clive Standen).

With Rollo returning to Normandy following his Mediterranean midlife crisis, some fans were concerned whether he would be back at all. (The fact that Standen also landed his own NBC show, Taken, didn't help matters.) But not only will Rollo return, he'll have taken even more steps away from his impulsive, pillaging Viking roots.

"Nearly every season, [creator] Michael Hirst has allowed me to reinvent this man, and Season 5 is no different," Standen tells TVGuide.com. "I think when he comes back, all bets are off ... You'll see a very different Rollo."

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There is one thing this new Rollo will have in common with the old Rollo: a very contentious relationship with his former Viking friends and family. And when he reunites with them, get ready for fireworks. "It's going to be explosive," Standen teases, "but not in the ways that you'd expect."

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​Clive Standen, Vikings
Jonathan Hession/History