Although Ragnar's sons will unite to avenge their father's death in Wednesday's season finale of Vikings, the brotherly love won't last long. In fact, something happens in the finale that is going to cause an irreparable rift in the family.

After the battle in Wessex ends, Ragnar's surviving sons are tasked with determining what Ragnar would want his legacy to be - and what the brothers want for their own legacies, whether that be exploring unseen territories, developing farming communities or raiding new lands.

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But when tempers flare and an argument between two of the brothers devolves to low blows, Ivar (Alex Hogh Andersen) takes a shocking stand that threatens to tear the family apart forever. And, in a cruel twist, Ivar's decision will haunt him going into the next season and beyond, but unfortunately for him, there's no turning back.

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