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Vikings will jump ahead four years on Thursday's episode following the events of the season premiere, which saw the Lothbrok family torn apart. Unfortunately for poor, disgraced Rollo, his situation hasn't improved much since surrendering in battle and returning home an outcast.

"He's a broken man. He hates himself. He wants to leave and it's Siggy [Jessalyn Gilsig] who comes to his salvation," Clive Standen tells

Bad guys we root for

But while Siggy has stood by Rollo all these years, it's unclear whether either of their hearts is truly invested in the relationship. Standen admits Rollo still holds a candle for Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and it doesn't take a genius to deduce that underneath Siggy's support is still the ambitious woman thirsty for a return to power. "Siggy's pulling some strings for needs, wants and gains and Rollo's the puppet of that," Standen says. "I think as the season goes on he maybe does fall for Siggy and maybe realizes the harsh truth of what Siggy's motivations were."

Intentions aside, Siggy does deserve some credit for getting Rollo off his butt and off the bottle this week when she inspires him not to waste the second chance the gods have awarded him. Of course, what neither of them knows is that it wasn't the gods who spared Rollo; it was his brother Ragnar (Travis Fimmel). But don't take this act of salvation to mean Ragnar has welcomed his brother back into his life — at least not yet.

"I think there's always going to be tension because of what Rollo's done, but anyone's who's got brothers or sisters or siblings will know that you can't really ever hate your kin or your siblings," Standen says. "There's got to be a form of forgiveness there, but I don't think their relationship will ever be the same as it once was."

This is especially true in light of the changes both men have endured in the passing years. Now that Lagertha isn't around to ground him, Ragnar's ego seems to be getting the best of him, while Rollo's id has been all but destroyed. But without his arrogance and axe, Rollo is faced with the potential of great and positive change (but only if he decides to seize it). "That's the question of Season 2 — whether Rollo changes as a person from his actions or if he continues down a path of destruction. Because some people dig their hole and they live with it or some people want to try and climb out of the hole and reinvent themselves."

TV characters that need to die

"I think he might surprise people in Season 2 with some of his actions and some of the decisions he makes. Whereas Ragnar also might surprise people with some of the decisions he makes," Standen warns. "The audience thinks they know who the hero of the show is, then other characters who seemed smaller in the beginning of the show kind of almost usurp other characters in their decisions and you end up rooting for other characters and that can just as easily change."

Uh-oh, Ragnar fans! Do you think the Vikings hero will fall from grace? Do you think Rollo can be redeemed?

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