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Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walked off the set of The View after guest Bill O'Reilly made a comment linking Muslims and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

O'Reilly appeared on Thursday's show to promote his new book, Pinheads and Patriots. During a discussion of President Obama, the Fox News personality questioned Obama's statement that he wouldn't comment on the construction of a Muslim community center near Ground Zero in New York. "Seventy percent of Americans don't want that mosque down there," he said.

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When the hosts asked O'Reilly why people would object to the community center, he replied, "Muslims killed us on 9/11." Behar responded, "I don't want to sit here with you" and walked off stage. Goldberg joined her with cheers from the audience.

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Barbara Walters didn't condone her co-hosts' behavior. "I love my colleagues, but that should not have happened," she said. Behar and Goldberg returned after O'Reilly apologized.

Watch the clip of the argument below.