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Now there's the Rosie O'Donnell we know and love!

The View co-host once known for her heated arguments with then-co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck found herself once again at odds with her colleagues on Thursday's show.

Things got heated when O'Donnell, Rosie Perez, Nicolle Wallace and Whoopi Goldberg began discussing the rape allegations made against Bill Cosby, and the subsequent response the allegations have gotten in the news and on social media.

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Perez argued that the treatment has been unfair because, currently, there is no way of knowing if the allegations are in fact true. Perez tried to defend her position to O'Donnell to no avail, and so Goldberg chimed in to bring up related reports about Cosby that have turned out to be false, such as a rumor that Cosby abused his Cosby Show step-granddaughter Raven-Symoné.

"Until you know that it's true, it's an allegation," Goldberg said, also pointing to the Paula Deen and Tiger Woods scandals of recent years. "It seems now you're guilty no matter what. Even if you're innocent, you're guilty. Because once it's out, once somebody accuses you of this, that's what you are."

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"And it's harder when 13 women accuse you," O'Donnell replied tersely while chewing her gum. O'Donnell also questioned why the women would come forward and make the accusations against Cosby when the statute of limitations has ended and none of the women can charge Cosby or file suit against him.

However, we really can't do justice to O'Donnell's clear disdain for her co-hosts with words so watch the video below to see just how a perfectly executed death glare is done:

Whose side are you on?