One Direction One Direction

It's Thanksgiving, so what else do you have to do besides sit around in a tryptophan-induced stupor and peruse the Internet for funny videos? To get you started, here are our favorite clips of the week, including a supercut of Brody's heavy breathing on Homeland, One Direction giving unsuspecting fans the surprise of their lives, and proof that Paul Rudd had a worse week at work than you did. (It involves vomit.)

One Direction Stuns Fans: Those wax figurines seem so... lifelike. Watch what happens when a bunch of British fans think they're posing with replicas of the boy band heartthrobs, only to see them come to life. Even more precious? The whole encounter was organized by the girls' mothers.

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Surprised Baby Red Panda: Speaking of surprises, this baby red panda at Japan's Maruyama Zoo got quite a shock when a zookeeper stepped off of a ladder into the enclosure shared by 3-month-old panda twins Kin and Gin. We imagine it would be even better in slow-motion.

Brody's Breathing: Check out this original, a supercut of Brody (Damian Lewis) sighing, panting, or otherwise expelling air noisily on Homeland.

Hayden Panettiere Throws a Snake at Michael Strahan: Okay, not really. But the Nashville star did throw a rubber reptile at Strahan, after saying that she had recently purchased two baby corn snakes. Unfortunately, the former NFL player didn't know the snake was fake, and jumped out of his chair and squealed like a little girl when it hit him.

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Paul Rudd's Top 10: Paul Rudd, who's currently starring in the Broadway play Grace, stopped by Late Night with David Letterman this week to deliver the Top 10 list. The topic? Rudd's top 10 thoughts when an audience member recently vomited during a performance. (Yes, it really happened.)

Psy and MC Hammer's AMA Dance-Off: The two dance trendsetters performed a mashup of "Gangnam Style" and "2 Legit 2 Quit" at the American Music Awards. Good luck trying to get this one out of your head!

Colbert on Petraeus: Stephen Colbert finally (and hilariously) weighs in on the David Petraeus affair debacle on The Colbert Report, prefacing the segment with the sarcastic observation that "this sex scandal is all anyone in Washington can talk about. I wonder why the country is in financial ruin?"