Justin Bieber, Tom Hanks Justin Bieber, Tom Hanks

Is Tom Hanks vying for a spot on Dancing with the Stars?

Over the weekend, Justin Bieber posted a video on Instagram showing Hanks busting a move to Montell Jordan's 1990s hit "This Is How We Do It" at the wedding of Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun. Oh, and if that wasn't perfect enough, Hanks is wearing a yarmulke and a shawl.

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"Haha Tom Hanks singing 'This Is How we do it' dressed like a Rabbi lol #thatdancetho," Bieber captioned the video.

Braun wed cancer activist Yael Cohen on Sunday in British Columbia, Canada. Other celebrity guests in attendance included Carly Rae JepsenSophia Bush and Ed Sheeran.

Check out Bieber's video below: