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There's no swearing on live television!

Tom Hanks accidentally dropped an F-bomb on Good Morning America Friday while imitating the accent he uses in his new movie Cloud Atlas.

"Mostly it's swear words," Hanks warned host Elizabeth Vargas about his character's penchant for profanity when she asked him to speak in the accent.

"Well, if you say it with an accent like that, they won't sound like swear words," Vargas responded.

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Hanks unwittingly obliged, launching into an imitation that was mostly indecipherable — except for the phrase, "I want people to buy me a f---ing ... "

Immediately realizing his slip-up, a mortified Hanks covered his mouth with his hands. Vargas had a similar reaction. "We are so sorry," she told viewers.

"I have never done that before," Hanks said. "I would apologize to the kids in America that are watching this right now."

"Never give me a handheld mic," Hanks quipped. "I blame the staff. Man, oh man."

Watch the video below: