Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart

Stephen Colbert is taking over The Late Show in 2015 — but what's his conservative persona "Stephen Colbert" going to do once The Colbert Report ends?

"Colbert" stopped by The Daily Show Wednesday to "break the news" to his Comedy Central colleague Jon Stewart and explain why he feels this is an optimal time to leave the show.

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"I'm ending my show," Colbert explains. "I have to. ... It's become clear to me that I've won television. Jon, at this point, I'm just running up the score."

Offering suggestions of what Colbert's next career move could be, Stewart notes that he's heard David Letterman is leaving The Late Show. "I heard that too, Jon, but they already gave the part to some fat guy," Colbert notes.

Watch the hilarious interview below, including a Best of Colbert Daily Show highlight reel — and watch full episodes of The Colbert Report here.