This Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm/ET, ABC Family invites you to meet Samurai Girl via a miniseries based on the popular young-adult novels. Starring as Heaven - the sole survivor of a plane crash who is taken in by a new family, unaware of her fate as the mystical "chosen one" wanted by warring entities - is Jamie Chung. Roswell's Brendan Fehr plays a love interest, while former wrestling diva/ Dancing star Stacy Keibler plays a most formidable (and very leggy) adversary.

Calling Samurai Girl "action-packed" and full of "drama, comedy and romance," Chung says the cabler "really took a chance with this show, and I think they made a great decision."

As Heaven fulfills her promise, the stunts fly fast and furious. (As Chung says, "I have the bruises to prove it!") With ABC Family firing off hit after hit these days, does the ingénue feel a need to deliver? "Yes, I feel the pressure!" she tells us with a laugh. "But you just do your best work and hope that people enjoy watching it." - Matt Mitovich

" VIDEO: Will Stacy Keibler Kick Samurai Girl's Butt?