Hulk Hulk

What better way to spend you summer hiatus than going fishing? That's what Revenge's Gabriel Mann is doing this week in a guest spot on the animated series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Sunday, 11:30m/10:30c on Disney XD). Mann, who plays Nolan on the soapy ABC drama, lends his voice the animated series as Bruce Banner, aka the less angry alter ego of the Incredible Hulk. "I've been a huge fan of the Hulk and it's not every day you get to play a superhero, so it was an amazing opportunity to voice Bruce Banner in the episode," says Mann.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes is based on the same Marvel Comics icons who are tearing up the big screen this summer. This week's episode, "Nightmare in Red," also introduces the Red Hulk character.

In this exclusive video clip, Banner is using the one day a month when he's not the Hulk for a little leisure time on the lake. Avengers teammate Hawkeye tags along, trying to get Banner to focus on the invasion of the alien Skrulls, which has been Season 2's main storyline.
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