Robert Knepper Robert Knepper

Visiting with TV Guide Network's Hollywood 411, Prison Break original cast member Robert Knepper reflected on his run as Theodore "T-Bag" Boswell.

"He started out as just the bad, bad boy," says the actor, only to evolve into "an in-depth kind of guy."

Fox's Prison Break (now airing Fridays at 8 pm/ET) concludes its four-year run on May 15, with a two-hour episode that ties up many plot threads. "The writers have had the time to wrap it up," says Knepper. "This definitely has an ending."

But what sort of ending lies ahead for T-Bag? Will he die, get shoved back into prison, or perhaps lead a life of anonymous leisure à la Hannibal Lecter? Of all the options available to the writers, "I think they picked the greatest one," smiles Knepper, mum on his character's exact fate..

Watch the full Q&A below.

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