Mark Wahlberg Mark Wahlberg

Well, there's one actor who doesn't seem to have any problems working with The Fighter director David O. Russell.

Mark Wahlberg told Chris Harrison that, in fact, the two will re-team on at least four to five movies over the next three years. "I put it in his contract that he can't make his next four movies without me," he said.

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The actor-producer also had offered a bit of a confession on Sunday's Oscars red carpet: It was Wahlberg's idea to have the real-life Dicky Eklund crash Christian Bale's acceptance speech at the SAG Awards. (Bale, of course, played Eklund in The Fighter.)

"'Listen,' I told Dicky, and I didn't tell Christian, 'When he wins — and he will win — run up there and just surprise him," Wahlberg said. But it's all good now. "Christian is obviously in love with Dicky, and he wouldn't be there without Dicky and all he had to go through. We've all grown so close, it's a special thing."

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