Mariah Carey Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey's Friday morning got off to a rough start. During an appearance on Good Morning America, the singer suffered a nearly catastrophic wardrobe malfunction.

"The back of my dress just popped," Carey announced to the crowd in Central Park. The singer kept her cool, holding up her dress to avoid any nip slips. "I just wanted to change the ensemble, you know," Carey said. "What should we call this, the Central Park Saga? It seems like a YouTube moment, possibly a Spotify moment."

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But Carey wasn't going to let the dress disaster get in the way of her performance. "I'll just hold them up the whole time," she joked.

Unfortunately, the wardrobe malfunction wasn't Carey's only blunder during her GMA appearance.  The singer wasn't able to clip her mic pack to her dress and was forced to uncomfortably hold it while she performed "Always Be My Baby." Afterward, Carey committed one of the ultimate live TV faux pas: cursing. "Oh sh--! You didn't hear that," she said, realizing her mistake.

Watch Carey's wardrobe malfunction below. How do you think she handled it?