Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan

The Lindsay Lohan image rehabilitation train is rolling full steam.

The troubled starlet's sit-down with Ellen DeGeneres will air Monday, but The Ellen DeGeneres Show released two early clips of Lohan discussing her time in rehab, her OWN docu-series and how she's been trying to turn her life around. Thankfully, she says, the paparazzi have apparently lightened up, which has helped her find more peace in her life.

VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan breaks down about her sobriety to Oprah

"I've been in in L.A. for two weeks and thank God I'm leaving tomorrow," she said. "They have not bothered me at all. It's totally different now. It's strange. I also don't put myself in the same situations. There is nothing left for me in going out to a certain place if I know what it's going to result in. It's just not worth it to me."

When DeGeneres asked about her dating life, Lohan, 27, said she just wants to "work and take care of me right now. That's not even a thought."

Check out the sneak peeks below:

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