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If it's good enough for Bieber, it's good enough for Gaga.

VIDEO: Justin Bieber pukes onstage

About a week after teen sensation Justin Bieber threw up onstage during a concert in Arizona, Lady Gaga followed suit, vomiting on the stage in Barcelona over the weekend during her hit "Edge of Glory." Naturally, the whole thing was caught on video.

Although Bieber briefly left the stage after his upchuck, Gaga pushed through, resuming her dance routine with such aplomb that it almost looks like the puking — three heaves' worth! — is part of her choreography. (Knowing Lady Gaga, that isn't necessarily outside the realm of possibility.) And, thanks to prerecorded vocals, the song wasn't interrupted either.

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The Lady herself had a good attitude about the incident, sharing the video via Twitter with the caption: "Was praying nobody saw but actually its quite a good laugh if u need one! Check out Lady PukeGA doing Swan 'Vomit' Lake."

If you're not too grossed out, check out the video below: