Jon Stewart took time out of Monday's Daily Showbroadcast to address "the elephant in the room": the backlash his replacement Trevor Noah has faced over some offensive tweets.

Stewart, who was off the air last week, asked viewers to give Noah a chance, despite the "kerfuffle" that erupted after Noah's tweets from years ago were discovered.

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"Trevor Noah will earn your trust and respect, or not - just as I earned your trust and respect, or did not," Stewart said. "I do hope you give him an opportunity to earn that trust and respect, because my experience with him is that he is an incredibly thoughtful and considerate and funny and smart individual. ... I think, you give him that time, and it's going to be well worth it. I'm excited for where he's gonna take this thing."

Stewart also said that he plans to watch the show (or at least record it) after Noah takes over.

Watch Stewart's comments below: