Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon returned to The Tonight Show Monday sporting new accessories: a couple of Sesame Street Band-Aids on his hand, after he took a nasty fall in Cambridge, Mass., over the weekend.

Fallon was receiving an award from the Harvard Lampoon when he stumbled during a celebratory parade, and later went to a hospital to treat cuts on his hand.

The late-night host confirmed that he was, in fact, holding a bottle of Jaegermeister during the fall, which someone had just handed to him. "Apparently some girl was going to kneel down and give me a flower or something. So she knelt down. I didn't see her," he explained. "I threw the bottle and then I just landed on broken glass. There's pools of blood everywhere."

The injury was far less severe than Fallon's previous hand injury, but one person who had absolutely no sympathy was Fallon's 10-month-old daughter, Frances. Watch her adorable reaction at the end of the video below: