Where in the world is Matt Parkman? Turns out that Future Peter has banished him to Africa, where the former flatfoot has crossed paths with a mysterious newcomer (played by Ntare Mwine; see related video). In this on-the-set video, Greg Grunberg details Matt's reaction to realizing he has a "stalker" - one who's rather handy with a paint brush at that!

Grunny also previews Matt's run-in with "the Speedster" (at the 2:40 mark), saying that he and new cast mate Brea Grant "have done some great stuff together," and then raves about this season's "unbelievable" new scripts.

Since this volume of the NBC series is dedicated to "Villains," might Matt be lured to the dark side? "Parkman has the potential to go there," says the actor, elaborating on that ominous thought at the 4:40 mark. - Matt Mitovich

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