Kick Buttowski Kick Buttowski

Saturday is a happy day, indeed when the Fonz himself, Henry Winkler, returns to Kick Buttowski — Suburban Daredevil as the principal. In this week's episode, "Bee Awesome," the principal recruits Kick (Charlie Schlatter) as a last-minute replacement to represent the school in a regional spelling bee. Kick, who is hardly hooked on phonics, needs some sharpening, especially if he's going to to hold his own against a rival school's word wizard, Javier (voiced by Ringer/Lost star Nestor Carbonell). So in order to secure a vocabulary victory, the principal decides to put Kick through an unorthodox spelling bee boot camp, as seen in this exclusive video clip.

Kick Buttowski — Suburban Daredevil airs Saturdays at 11am/10c on Disney XD.