Blair Underwood came by the other day to not only preview new season of ABC's Dirty Sexy Money (in a separate video to come closer to the series' return), but also talk up In the Night of the Heat: A Tennyson Hardwick Novel, the second in a series of mysteries which he has created with authors Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due (in stores now).

Centered on a former gigolo turned sleuth, Underwood says the books are "definitely steamy" - so much so that he had to give his mother and her church friends a heads-up when the first title, Casanegra, was published. Mom's response: "Well, son, where do you think you came from?"

Blair also recounts the origin of the Tennyson Hardwick idea (it originally was a project to pair him and Diana Ross), reveals the novels' two inspirations (at the 2:00 mark), and shares his big-screen dream as he relates to the impossibly gorgeous crime-solver. - Matt Mitovich