Mark Ballas and Chelsea Kane Mark Ballas and Chelsea Kane

It's YouTubing with the Stars!

The love of "Friday" continues, this time behind the scenes on Dancing With the Stars, courtesy of Chelsea Kane's YouTube channel. Kane herself does a pretty good Rebecca Black, while Mark Ballas and Lil' Romeo lay down some beats. Where's songbird Pia Toscano in all this? Partying, partying (yeah) offscreen for most of the video, but you can catch her at the end.

Glee prepping "Friday" cover (yes, that "Friday")

Bruno would no doubt go into raptures, but Len would rag on the indecisive moves: "You either kick it in the front seat or kick it in the back seat. Otherwise, your feet are all over the place."

Check it. Do you like this better than the original version?