Damages, Glenn Close Damages, Glenn Close

The fourth season of Damages isn't coming until next month, but it will be well worth the wait judging by the emotional trailers.

This season features Chris Messina as an old high school chum of Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) who suffers from PTSD. In the trailers, we get glimpses of the drama to come, including nudity of the non-titillating variety, hints of torture and John Goodman playing a very loud, corrupt and scary military contractor. We can't wait!

Griffin Dunne to report for duty on Damages

Judd Hirsch and Griffin Dunne are also signed on for the fourth season, playing an old mentor of Patty's (Glenn Close) and a foreign correspondent, respectively.

Damages premieres on Wednesday, July 13 on DirecTV. Check out these videos from Season 4:

Are you looking forward to more Damages?