It's not what CSI: Miami's Eric and Calleigh 'shippers want to hear, but from where new cast member Megalyn Echikunwoke sits, Dr. Tara Price might end up playing spoiler to the long-simmering romance romance 'tween the two CSIs. "Sorry to break it you fans, but it might happen," the actress tells me in this video Q&A.  I think they might have eyes for each other." All too aware of the animus she might draw her way, she quickly deflects, "Is that my fault?"

While Echikunwoke might have just been playing coy to spice up our sit-down, she does say, "There are scenes in upcoming episodes that might suggest... Delko has the hots for Tara. I think he's got a crush."

Echikunwoke then wraps up the chat with some sad news for fans of last season's abruptly cancelled The 4400, who were hoping for a bit more closure. Watch it all below.

CBS' CSI: Miami airs its 150th episode this Monday at 10 pm/ET.