The Wire: The Musical The Wire: The Musical

Some of your favorite characters from The Wire are back — and singing!

Original cast members Michael K. Williams (Omar), Sonja Sohn (Kima), Andre Royo (Bubbles), Felicia Pearson (Snoop) and Larry Gilliard Jr. (D'Angelo) are back in Baltimore — well, the fictional Players Theater, at least — in this faux musical brought to you by the folks at Funny or Die.

Now, you'll no longer have to wonder how much better the gritty HBO drama could have been had creator David Simon incorporated just a few more jazz hands and show tunes into the series' five-season run. Forget Omar's menacing silent walks down the street to collect his payments. "You gotta whistle, babe, before the shotty goes boom," Williams belts before breaking into a huge grin and some cheesy choreography.

Creator David Simon apologizes for calling new Wire fandom "wearying"

But this "family-friendly show" isn't all fun and shotguns. Gilliard Jr. reprises his role as D'Angelo to impart a very serious message to a pair of corner boys. "Chess is a metaphor for drug deals," he croons.And while we're sad Idris Elba didn't reprise his role as Stringer Bell, we have to admit that

Faizon Love's jazzy interpretation of the drug lord was pretty fantastic.Watch the full video below and decide for yourself.