Kristen Bell is <EM>Veronica Mars</EM> Kristen Bell is Veronica Mars

As UPN's Veronica Mars continues to heat up (Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET), fans want to know: Did Logan beat Lilly? Is Lynn Echolls really dead? Where is Veronica going to college? readers sent in their burning questions for the show's producers, and Mars creator Rob Thomas once again provided the answers in an exclusive Q&A.

Question: I just want to tell you that I am 43 years old and totally addicted to your show. I am even going through the hassle of becoming a Nielsen family just so that I can make sure your show gets its ratings. Keep up the awesome work! — Kim
Rob Thomas:
Awesome. We love every viewer, but we hold a special place in our hearts for Nielsen viewers.

Question: My fellow watchers and I are a bit confused as to why Logan got arrested for Felix's murder when the mysterious 911 caller showed up. Wasn't Logan already tried and acquitted as shown in the flashback in the Season 2 premiere? He can't be tried again for murder (double jeopardy). Are there different charges that I missed? — Caryl
He was arrested but never tried during the summer. The DA decided he didn't have enough evidence to get a conviction. (I believe this information is in Veronica's voice-over as he's being led from the courthouse in the season premiere.) Now that there's an eyewitness, it looks as though Logan will be indicted.

Question: Will Leo be back? — Michael
Yes. Very soon.

Question: I heard Lisa Rinna is coming back as Logan's mom; is that true? And will we learn more about Weevil this year? He seems to be the only one we still know very little about. — Shannon
No plans for Lisa Rinna. Alas, poor Lynn Echolls has shuffled off her mortal coil. You'll be seeing quite a bit of Weevil in upcoming episodes.

Question: Are you planning to introduce any good parents? Everyone lies, cheats and covers up, except for Mr. Mars. — Lauren
I'm sure there are better role-model parents on other shows, but we've never made much of an attempt to focus our storytelling on the good ones. There probably are honest, lovable, married parents in Neptune, but every episode we do focuses on a crime or our ongoing criminal investigation. I can't even begin to imagine what story we would tell about good parenting unless it's about Veronica. It's noir, baby. Everyone's a little corrupt.

Question: With Veronica being a senior and all, is she going to be doing any college visits? She seems to want to go to Stanford. How about somewhere on the East Coast? — Hannah
She will go on some college visits. We do plan on dealing with her post-high-school plans later in the season.

Question: What is the significance of pink and green on the show? Veronica and other characters often wear these colors, and they are also fairly prominent in lighting effects. It's driving me and my roommate crazy that we can't figure out the symbolism! — Jilli
You give us more credit than we deserve. There's no symbolism. We wanted to shoot our version of noir in a universe with really vibrant colors. The greens and pinks are particularly prominent in Veronica's bedroom, but the colors were chosen for the aesthetic rather than as a symbol.

Question: Did Logan (or anyone else for that matter) ever find out the reason behind Duncan's initial breakup with Veronica? (The whole Jake-Lianne affair and the possibility of the Kane children and Veronica being half siblings.) — Rina
Celeste told Duncan that Veronica was his half sister. That drove him away. The undeniable romantic feelings that he still had for her drove him a bit batty.

Question: Last year Weevil accused Logan of hitting Lilly. Will we ever find out if Weevil was telling the truth, or should we assume that someone else was being abusive to Lilly (like Aaron)? — Ralph B.
In a story line that we had worked out, we were going to see Duncan strike Lilly in one of his violent episodes. Lilly had bruises. Weevil assumed that it was Logan who had hit her. Unfortunately, the story line was abandoned for time. I'm glad you asked. At the end of the day, I don't want people thinking that Logan hit Lilly. I did, however, want Weevil to believe it.