As a narrator, Kristen Bell's <EM>Veronica Mars </EM>has been a bit quiet lately. But why? As a narrator, Kristen Bell's Veronica Mars has been a bit quiet lately. But why?

With only three more new episodes left of UPN's Veronica Mars (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET) this season, every viewer wants to know: Who was behind the bus crash? While Mars creator Rob Thomas may not reveal that big twist in his latest exclusive Q&A, he does answer plenty of other burning questions submitted by readers about the possibility of a Veronica-Weevil romance, her long-term future, how fans have influenced the show and much more.

Question: How shocked are we going to be when we find out who was behind the bus crash?  Derek
Rob Thomas:
I wish I knew. I like a world in which 10 to 20 percent of viewers "get it right." At that point, I feel like it's shocking enough without being too obtuse. We do lay in clues. We would never allow the killer to be some guest star we met once in Episode 3. I was pleased with our resolve last year. When we read the Internet boards before the [Season 1 finale], it didn't seem that too many people were picking Aaron Echolls. (Although after the episode many more people said they knew it all along.)

Question: Is Veronica going to have a roommate at college next year? I can't help but notice she doesn't have a lot of friends, even though she is way cool.  Shayna
She will absolutely have a roommate.

Question: Recent episodes have been short on the Veronica Mars voice-overs; in fact, a couple of episodes were entirely free of voice-overs. Was this intentional? Are you trying to move away from the voice-overs?  Holly
I do want to limit the voice-overs. When you hear a lot of it, it sometimes means that we didn't do a good job of telling the story. We'll never stop completely. I enjoy the VO when it's snarky commentary on her life. I dislike it when it's used to explain away a plot point.

Question: Why is Aaron only facing charges for the Lilly Kane murder? Shouldn't he also be charged with the assault/kidnapping/attempted murder of Veronica (as well as the assault of the guy he carjacked in his escape attempt)?  Sharon
He is charged with a laundry list of crimes including statutory rape and false imprisonment.

Question: I've been wondering why Logan doesn't have scars or anything on his back from Aaron's abuse. Am I missing something, or did Aaron never hit him hard enough to leave lasting scars?  Amber
He was never whipped across the back with a whip. A belt across the buttocks wouldn't leave permanent scars. I think he's been smacked around  black eyes and bruises have resulted  but I don't think Aaron would ever use anything that would leave scars.

Question: Help me settle a bet I had with another VM-obsessed fan. I'm convinced the narrator of "Tinseltown Diaries" [on the show] is voiced by none other than Harry Hamlin? Are my ears correct, or do I really need to give my friend a foot massage?  Kristin
I'm afraid you must massage your friend's feet: It was not Harry. I was tempted to use Daran Norris, who plays Cliff and also gets a ton of voice work  he was "Spotswood" in Team America. He's got a great narrator voice, but I didn't want people to be distracted if they recognized his voice.

Question: Did you know back when you cast the roles of Dick and Beaver Casablancas that they would play such a large role in Season 2? Because Ryan Hansen and Kyle Gallner are amazing and have really helped make the second season great.  Maggie
We loved both actors in Season 1, which is why we made them series regulars this year. We wouldn't have paid them series-regular salaries if we didn't think we would use them a lot. Ryan is the bigger surprise he was supposed to have one line "Logan!"  in Episode 2 last year. We never expected to see him again.... We just liked his surfer-boy look. We didn't know he was comedy gold until his delivery of "All fours!" a couple of episodes later.

Question: I read an interview with you from last year in which you were quoted as saying that the only thing that would prevent Veronica from going into law enforcement when she finishes school was "cancellation." With everything Veronica's seen and done over the last two seasons  especially the not-quite-legal stuff  do you still see a future in law enforcement for her?  Kate
I do. Keith may not, but I do. If we're doing a Season 7, look for "Veronica Mars at Quantico."

Question: Did you ever think about having Veronica get together with Weevil, or will the two just remain friends?  Emily
I have the same sort of feeling about that hookup that we've all had hooking up with a friend: "Would we still be friends tomorrow?" It's like playing with dynamite. So, yes, it's crossed my mind. I'm just not sure it's a good idea.

Question: Have viewers/fans ever given you ideas that you then incorporated into the show?  Lois
Yes. At our Austin Veronica Mars event this year, a fan asked if we'd ever get to see Logan and Wallace in a story line together. I'd never thought much about it, but it got me thinking. You saw the result in Episode 218 ["I Am God"], with the egg-drop experiment.

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