Veronica Mars
Oh. My. God. I can't breathe. Meg's awake

and pregnant? Are you kidding me? I so didn't see that coming at all. Pregnant? Wow. What an amazing episode,

amazing. Even the alternate ending was surprising  I think I'm glad they went with the one that aired. It had some less disturbing implications, and one less murder for Veronica to solve. I know I love this show and gush about it, but it deserves a little bit of extra praise. Tonight alone cleverly tied in several plots about kids with the "baby, think it over" health-class assignment, Celeste's rumored pregnancy, Trina's adoption, Mary's affair with the then-vice principal that led to the prom baby, and then Meg's impending arrival. Does Duncan know about the baby? Is that why he's been having dreams about Meg instead of our girl Veronica? Anyway, let's take one thing at a time the class project pairs Veronica and Duncan as parents, and gives Celeste a panic when she stumbles across the couple together in Dunc's hotel room with the realistically crying infant. To which Veronica gamely quipped, "I guess I'm here as Duncan's secret girlfriend. Oh! And we have a secret love child." V's mom spread vicious rumors way back in high school about the current Mrs. Kane: Was she just jealous? Trina who was back in town to guest-direct the school play or as Veronica pondered, "If Logan's sister is back in Neptune, that must mean she was the first one booted off the Surreal Life this season." I knew she was adopted, but it was surprisingly cool when she discovered who her real daddy is. And who knew VP Clemmons had that really underhanded streak in him to plot to get the principal job? Very, very sneaky. Also, Weevil getting tied up to the school flagpole seems very pilot-episode-of-Smallville to me, but I guess that was Logan's idea of payback. (All right, thanks to everyone who reminded me that it was a reference to Wallace's flagpole incident in the first episode. Sorry, my tired brain remembers shows from years ago but not last season.) Either way it led to the fantastic bathroom brawl and a certain understanding between the feuding fellas. The adorable moment of the night was Beaver rather Cassidy, now that he's gone all corporate asking Mac for help. Am I the only one that sensed some mild-mannered flirting going on? And how can anyone not love Keith Mars? He knows enough that his spunky kid will persistently pester him to get the info she wants, so he tells her what he discovers, but doles it out with a light-handed bit of fatherly advice. Plus, he's keeping the dead rat in the freezer until he figures out the whole bus-crash thing surviving that grossness deserves big parenting points. Lastly, we finally got a mini-Buffy reunion with Charisma Carpenter facing off against Alyson Hannigan. Their backhanded banter filled with digs at each other was totally awesome. Who knew an episode filled with such bad-girl behavior could be so good? AC

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