Veronica Mars
So I finally got the answer to the lingering question of whether Michael Ausiello wears boxers or briefs. Not that I spend a heck of a lot of time thinking about my coworkers' undergarments, but I never imagined I'd find out the answer on national TV. Now I just have to ask him if he got a glimpse at the rest of the list on the bachelorette-party treasure hunt, because I am dying to know what exactly No. 8 was. I mean, there are a plethora of things running around in my mind that having mouthwash handy might be good for.

Meanwhile, I still think that Steve Guttenberg is responsible for the bus crash. Did you hear the economics teacher's lecture about how property value goes up immensely in cities that are incorporated? My guess is that Mr. Mayor has a good bit of land ready for sale under some sort of fake name. And the bus crash was perhaps a way to convince people that they needed a community that was safe from events like this. Maybe I'm overthinking and completely off base. Terrence Cook is still a suspect, and it doesn't look good that evidence keeps getting piled against him. But I want to believe that Keith's instincts about people are right. Hannah's dad aka the prominent well-respected cokehead doctor sure went with a gut feeling about Logan in order to keep him away from his precious daughter. I felt bad for Logan when Hannah's mom said that he was "ugly on the inside." But maybe he can console himself with the fact that he's really pretty on the outside (Sorry to go all teenage girly, but it had to be said). Plus, baby said he did a bad, bad thing, and when Logan is bad, this show is so good. And was Kendall trying to get hair out of Logan's tub, or was she planting something? It was hard to tell. But if it was the former, does jailbird daddy want some kind of DNA testing, and if so, for what? So many questions, and I can't wait to watch as the answers unfold.

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