Just received my DVD of next week's Veronica Mars rape-mystery finale, and here are the things the CW is allowing me to say:

* Veronica solves the Hearst rapist case.

* Dean O'Dell hires Keith to find out if his wife is cheating.

* Someone will die.

* Mel Stoltz, Hearst's most influential alumni, shows up to see the dean.

* The Lilith House girls pelt Dean O'Dell's car with spit and eggs.

* The Lilith House girls celebrate the expulsion of the Greek system with a one-car float parade.

* Keith and Dean O'Dell strike up a friendship.

* Dean O'Dell announces his decision to reinstate Greek life on campus.

* Dean O'Dell pulls a gun out of his desk and makes sure it's loaded.

* In the cold open, Veronica stumbles out of a dorm-room bloody, disheveled and panicked. As she yells to Wallace and Piz for help, a mystery person's feet enter the frame behind her. (Yikes!)

* The rapist has posted an ad in the "Hearst Free Press" announcing that the next rape will take place the night of the Pi Sig Phoenix Rising party.

* Veronica, Mac, Wallace and Piz team up at the Pi Sig party with the assignment to test drinks in an attempt to find the rapist's next victim.

Now, for hints about what I'm not allowed to say, read tomorrow's Ask Ausiello.