Rachel Maddow by Mindy Tucker Rachel Maddow by Mindy Tucker

Rachel Maddow, who frequently served as a guest and substitute for MSNBC's popular host, Keith Olbermann, has been named to replace Dan Abrams' program, The Verdict, with her own new show.

Maddow, according to The New York Times , emerged as an admired and favored political commentator for the channel especially during the important election coverage. Her new program, which is yet to be named, will replace the Thursday night 9 pm/ET time slot held by Abrams.

MSNBC revealed that Maddow will begin her program on Sept. 8 (after the political conventions are over) as Abrams signs off from The Verdict this Thursday.

Abrams told the Times he'd be "putting my general manager's hat back on," adding that "considering where the network is right now, it is actually the right call."

Are you a fan of Rachel Maddow, or will you miss Dan Abrams? Erin Fox

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