Tony Hale Tony Hale

Actor Tony Hale says he hopes he's less like his Arrested Development character and a little more like his Veep character.

"Since Buster went more into the psychotic realm, hopefully I'm a little more like Gary," Hale tells  "I definitely wish I had a Gary in my life, especially [his memory]."

HBO renews Girls and Veep

In the HBO series, Hale plays "body man," aka glorified assistant, to the Vice President of the United States (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). "I carry around a very large bag for whatever she needs, maybe some shoes, a speech, some Xanax," Hale says.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus gets political on HBO's Veep

In the video below, Hale explains why his new series shows the humanity in politicians and what he hopes Buster is up to when he goes back to filming Arrested Development this summer for Netflix.

Veep airs on Sundays at 10/9c on HBO.