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Veep Mega Buzz: Bob "The Eagle" Bradley Unravels at Literally the Worst Moment

What does this mean for the recount?

Malcolm Venable

President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is desperate to get every vote she can in the Nevada recount on Veep, but her bid might be foiled by someone who's supposedly on her side.

When Kent (Gary Cole) unearths evidence of missing votes, the team deploys Bob Bradley (Martin Mull) to delay the process. Bob, as you might remember from last week, is a Washington veteran with decades of experience in the political trenches and a down-home, folksy style that includes using outrageously offensive nicknames that only a lovable senior could get away with.

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But guess what? We've gotten a sneak peek at Sunday's episode, and it turns out that Bob might not be so lovable after all. It becomes increasingly clear that his throwback ways (and forgetfulness) aren't just quirks - he's actually stuck in another decade in his mind.

Unfortunately, Amy (Anna Chlumsky), Ben (Kevin Dunn), Dan (Reid Scott) and Jonah (Timothy Simons) don't realize that Bob is completely doolally until he's already been made privy to secrets that could start a war with China -- and is en route to a meeting to delay the all-important recount. Chalk it up to another Selina Meyer mishap ... but this one could have disastrous consequences.

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