Vanessa Williams Vanessa Williams

Former Desperate Housewives star Vanessa Williams is relocating from Fairview to NYC. Vanessa plays Olivia, the stylish wife of the Devil-ish Gavin (Terry O'Quinn) in the new ABC fall drama 666 Park Avenue. The couple own a landmark building and "in order to reside there, you have to meet us," the actress explains. "It's a very seductive place and [our characters] are a very seductive couple. You want to be them and live where they live."

But Vanessa admits she was a bit spooked when the set designers came to her with a request. "There's one scene where my character talks about the tragedy of losing her daughter, Sasha, and they needed a girl who was 22 years old to be in a photo," says Vanessa, who in real life has a 12-year-old daughter named Sasha. Vanessa contributed a photograph of her older daughter, Jillian, who is 22 and lives in NYC. Admits the actress, "Yes, it was a little strange."   

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