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Vanderpump Rules: Why Scheana Barely Speaks to Stassi and Katie Anymore

This is a new low for them

Sadie Gennis

Trouble is brewing at SUR. Vanderpump Rules star Scheana revealed that she has barely spoken to her (former) good friends Katie and Stassi since they last filmed together in February.

"We're not as close right now. We don't speak that much since the reunion," Scheana tells TVGuide.com

While it would be easy to assume that the breakdown in their friendship stemmed from when Scheana controversially apologized to Lala, Scheana revealed that the real reason she isn't close with Katie and Stassi anymore is so explosive, it was actually cut out of the Bravo show. "There were things that were edited out, but were thrown in my face on camera that I think were beyond inappropriate and were unforgivable," Scheana says.


According to the reality star, Katie and Stassi threatened to expose the fact that Scheana had caught Shay texting other women while they were married. "They're like, 'Well, we didn't say what it was.' I'm like, but you still threatened it, and real friends don't threaten to tell a secret about someone, something I confided in you," Scheana said. "That was something I couldn't get over. I've forgiven them since, but it broke a lot of trust for me and ever since then I've really tried to stay close with them.

"I think they're people I will always love and they'll be a part of my life for however long, but I just don't feel as close with them and I don't know if I ever will."

While she did confirm that she's still close with Kristen, Scheana traces back the issues in her relationships with the other two women to when Stassi returned to LA in Season 4. "They will say it's me 100 percent, and that's fine. I'll take blame for it," Scheana said. "I do distance myself because there was a disconnect and things did change. They're in denial about it. They act like, oh, it's all me and I'm the one who's doing everything wrong and distancing myself. And I'm like, I do that to a certain extent because you guys changed.

"I don't think your friends should make you nervous and give you anxiety. And they tend to do that. If I see a text message from one of them, the first thing that pops into my mind is, 'What did I do?'" Scheana explains. "And the last time Katie texted me, I did something wrong and she sure let me know about it."

Vanderpump Rules: Scheana's new boyfriend wants nothing to do with the show

During the first part of the reunion, Katie, Stassi and Kristen all let Scheana know what they thought she did wrong when it came to her apology to Lala and the way she reacted to their initial criticism. The trio accused Scheana of being a flip-flopper and victimizing herself -- accusations Scheana still gets heated over to this day.


"The whole victimizing thing is really annoying and I'm over that. That's such a cop-out," Scheana says. "It really annoys me when they say that because I think they do that to themselves. They are incapable of taking accountability most times for anything. They will blame it on editing or different things all the time, which is very frustrating to me. I'm like, just own it."

It may have been with this attitude of "just owning it" that inspired Scheana to accuse Katie of having a drinking problem during the second part of the reunion (which airs Monday at 9/8c). "It wasn't an accusation, it was the truth," Scheana insists.

Katie, understandably, got quite upset over the allegation, saying that Scheana was ostensibly accusing her of being an alcoholic. "There's a big difference there. I'm very careful with my words, especially after how much crap I got from Season 4, being uneducated on addiction," says Scheana. "That's something I take very carefully now, and I never once called her an alcoholic, because I don't think she is. I think at times when she drinks, it becomes a problem.

"And that's what a drinking problem is," Scheana continues. "When it negatively affects your life, your friendships, your relationship, your health -- that's a problem with drinking. It is completely different than being an alcoholic. And it's something that every single cast member has said but is too afraid to say it to her face. And I was just over no one speaking up."


While Scheana's friendships with Stassi and Katie have hit a new low, the SUR server revealed that she has acquired a surprising new confidant since wrapping Vanderpump Rules' fifth season. "[Lala] and I have gotten really close over the past three, four months," she admits. "We're neighbors. We live across the street from each other. We got to the gym together. We get lunch all the time. I just have a lot of fun with her. I think her and I have a lot of things in common."

As to whether we'll see Lala, who abruptly quit filming (and SUR) in the middle of the season without any notice, return to Vanderpump Rules next year, Scheana says that if she has her way, the polarizing hostess will definitely be back. "I'm trying to convince her, so I hope so," she says. "She's been volunteering at Vanderpump Pets and she is back on the SUR schedule this month, so I hope so."

Scheana says one of the things that has brought her and Lala together is their shared bond over having boyfriends who want nothing to do with the reality show. (The identity of Lala's boyfriend remains unknown. Scheana has been dating actor-producer Robert Valletta since January.)

"But who knows?" Scheana quips. "Next season, you might see both of our boyfriends on."

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.