Jax Taylor has done a lot of terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things on Vanderpump Rules over the years, and though a quiz once told him that he was psychopathic, Jax claims he really does regret most of these actions.

The SUR bartender, who once seemed incapable of remorse, opened up to TV Guide, candidly revealing what behavior he regrets — and what he doesn't. So what were Jax's self-professed lowest low points? Sleeping with Kristen, for one.

"I definitely regret sleeping with Kristen for a gazillion reasons," Jax admitted. "Mainly because a) it's Kristen. Gross. And b) Tom's my best friend. That's just bad."

However, Jax does think some good came out of his dalliance with his best friend's girlfriend, which, according to Jax, is why he initially told Sandoval that he felt no remorse over his behavior in Season 1.

"The reason I felt no remorse [at the time] is because I don't think Tom was in the same place," Jax explained. "He wasn't in love with her because he was with other girls, too, while they were dating. I felt like as the relationship was going on, he was just biding time. He wanted to break up with her."

Now, Jax admits that he does regret betraying his friend, but that he still thinks he kind of did Sandoval a favor. "I don't think it was that big of a deal," Jax said of sleeping with Kristen. "It probably helped him out a little because he wanted to get out of that relationship so bad."

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But one thing Jax doesn't regret at all? Telling his friends that he saw his girlfriend Brittany receiving oral sex from Kristen, despite Brittany's vehement denial that anything ever happened. "Why would I regret it? I saw it. I'm just trying to make a point," Jax said. "Do I regret saying it? No."

"I'm not angry about it anymore," he added.

Watch Jax weigh in on more of his most notorious behavior in the video above.

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