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After five seasons on The Vampire Diaries, is the show's sole mortal Matt Donovan ready to leave his vampire friends behind?

"Initially those questions of whether you're pro-human or equal opportunity would've been hard to make," Zach Roerig told during our recent visit to the show's set. "But now he's seen enough terrible violence and seen his friends commit these terrible acts [and] he's had a long enough time to distance himself. I think Matt realizes he just wanted a normal life and the only reason he's had to go through all this is because he's been such a dedicated friend. We all face that in life, where so many strikes happen against a friend and at some point you have to let them go and move on. I think that's where Matt is."

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But now that Matt knows the lengths that his new mentor Tripp ( Colin Ferguson) will go to capture his vampire friends, it seems he'll drop the militia leader and go back to being part of the gang. On Thursday's episode (8/7c, CW), viewers will see unlikely duo Matt and Enzo (

Michael Malarkey) team up — with the help of Stefan (Paul Wesley) — to uncover just how deep Tripp's vampire-killing operation runs.   

"Enzo and Matt's relationship starts as a result of Tripp and Matt's relationship," Roerig says. "It starts out as a very tumultuous, aggressive relationship but becomes almost a benign friendship where they both have the same objectives. So, they're able to go parallel moving forward — maybe not holding hands." As for the prospect of hand-holding with a new lady friend, Roerig adds, "I don't think there's any space in the hour of television we have for Matt to get [a love interest]. We'll have to hope somewhere on the side, during a commercial, Matt's getting some."

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By having his own arc and being one of the only characters who could set foot in Mystic Falls, it's been nice to finally be front and center, Roerig says. "I've enjoyed [this because] I've been basically by myself," he says. "Don't get me wrong, I love everyone else, but sometimes the spotlight tends to shift over. So it's been great, especially the wardrobe choices with my super short shorts, doing high knees and my tight, little Mystic Falls shirt."

The Vampire Diaries airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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