Joseph Morgan, Michael Trevino Joseph Morgan, Michael Trevino

You know The Vampire Diaries' Tyler is at his wit's end when he goes to Bill Forbes for help.

Last we saw the hybrid, he had skedaddled after unwillingly biting his love Caroline due to his sire bond with Klaus. Now that Tyler realizes he has no free will, he'll track down Caroline's father as a last resort.

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"Bill Forbes is a no-nonsense guy as far as his hatred for vampires," Michael Trevino says.  "[Bill] was able to resist compulsion so [Tyler] figures not only is he the [father of the] girl he wants to be with, but maybe he can teach me some way to resist the sire bond to Klaus."

But the road for Tyler is anything but easy, especially now that he truly understands how evil Klaus is. "Klaus is a button-pusher, so if he does something Tyler finds difficult, the next time he's going to try something even more difficult," Joseph Morgan says. "He wants to test this bond and see how far he can push him and Tyler is going to find it increasingly difficult to deal with."

Although Tyler wants to confront Klaus (again) and stand up to him, Trevino says he won't just yet. "[Bill] goes through the list of what needs to be done and it's not going to happen overnight. The sire bond is a lot stronger than anyone could've imagined [and] it'll be awhile before Tyler can resist [it] and confront Klaus about it."

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Complicating the relationship is the fact that Klaus almost seemed to be flirting with Caroline at the end of last week's episode. Although Morgan previously told us "there's potential" between the two, Trevino says viewers need not prepare for yet another love triangle. "There have been so many triangles so I don't think we'll go into another one between me, Caroline and somebody else. I think those two might just have a moment."

So is the happy-about-being-a-hybrid Tyler gone for good? Trevino says, "When Tyler drank Elena's blood and transformed into a full-on hybrid ... he had a swagger to him and confidence and felt chosen. Every male figure in Tyler's life has either gone or passed away or has been killed and so there's this little complex of daddy issues. He was chosen to become the first successful hybrid so he wants to make Klaus happy, but now he sees how evil Klaus is and maybe this is a curse upon the curse he already has of being a werewolf."

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Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams