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Although The Vampire Diaries' Damon Salvatore gets his share, both viewers and Ian Somerhalder are hoping to see him get some action with Elena.

"I just want to make out with her eventually," Somerhalder jokes.

VIDEO: The Vampire Diaries' brotherhood is the heart of the show

Damon finally told Elena he loved her, but he soon compelled her to forget, making it not count, Somerhalder says.

"The love Damon has for Katherine and Elena has gotten him into exorbitant amounts of trouble and I think he's probably thinking ... 'I've kind of learned my lesson, I'm going to build a bit of a wall, '" Somerhalder tells in the video below.

VIDEO: The Vampire Diaries' brotherhood is the heart of the show

During the Season 2 premiere, Damon did the unthinkable and tried to killed Jeremy, Elena's brother, to push Elena away. Luckily for everyone, Jeremy's ring saved him. While Somerhalder knows it will take a long time to get Elena to love Damon, for now he just wants to be back in her good graces.

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Regardless, it's undeniable that Damon has made quite the transformation throughout the series, and has developed, shall we say, feelings. The softer side is Somerhalder's biggest challenge.

"It's tough because there has to be truth and there's a lot of real pain buried in that humor," he says. "The maniacal killer in him is starting to wane by virtue of the fact all the stakes have been raised because he cares about people now."

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