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Vampire Diaries has done quite the flip since returning from the holidays. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is starting to embrace a somewhat softer side, which is helping him form a bond with Elena (Nina Dobrev). Does Damon turning good mean Elena will run into his arms? Not quite, said Somerhalder, who explained to that there's only one woman for Damon.

As for Damon becoming a good guy, Somerhalder said: "I don't think it will go all the way to that place."

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"Damon only has fun," he said. "Damon is that way, smiling and joking, and there's something about him that makes Elena fun when she's around Damon. As crazy as she is and as much as she tries to hate him, he makes her smile sometimes. I think maybe she might start trusting Damon if he presents it to her that she can."

Damon isn't always upbeat, though. Somerhalder teased an upcoming episode of the CW series (Thursdays at 8/7c) in which he's anguished. "I had to shoot a scene where Damon was not happy at all. ... and my whole day was shot because I was miserable. Normally I walk around set laughing and joking, pulling pranks on people and just screwing with everyone. [Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan] is always so intense, because he's got so much going on in his mind. I thought, whoa, that's heavy."

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Deep down, Damon yearns for Katherine. "That's his girl," he said. "That's all he wants. It's love. Look, I know it's so trite, but it is that old adage, 'Love conquers all.' It's what drives us in every way shape and form."

"Damon misses his brother and his girl and he wants them both back in his life," he added. "He's waited 150 years to get his girl back. He finds her at some point fairly soon."

Once Katherine does come back in the picture, though, Somerhalder says he's unsure if Damon will actually get the girl, "but I just know he wants her and he has an insatiable thirst to find her. He's not going to stop until that thirst is quenched."

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