What does Damon's bedroom (and shower) look like up close? What's really in all of those bottles of whiskey?

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During our recent trip to The Vampire Diaries' Atlanta set, star Michael Malarkey (who plays the devilishly charming Enzo) gave us a tour of his favorites places to film in. First up is the gorgeous Salvatore House, where Malarkey shares how he tried to stroke a grouse in a scene from last season. (It ended up on the cutting room floor.) Malarkey also shows us around the diner, where he's become one of their most frequent customers, and explains why his character eats so much cherry pie. Finally, the show's newest series regular reveals the impressive woods set that's actually indoors and features everything from the Salvatore crypt to poor Bonnie's gravestone. (See a close-up here!)

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Check out our video below and tell us which set is your favorite:

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