Candice Accola Candice Accola

Leave it to The Vampire Diaries to feature a prom filled with betrayal, vampire bites and beyond-glamorous gowns.

When the show returns for its final five episodes of the season, the Mystic Falls gang is heading to what should be one of the most momentous occasions of the year. Between emotionless Elena (Nina Dobrev), Silas looming and dark-magic Bonnie (Kat Graham), it might be an unforgettable event, just not in the way they had hoped.  For Caroline (Candice Accola) especially, prom just isn't the same without her boyfriend Tyler (Michael Trevino) by her side, but don't expect his absence to leave room for a Caroline-Klaus pairing at the dance.

"Right now Caroline's incredibly committed to Tyler and has remained so all season long in spite of these moments that she has with Klaus that are very alluring," executive producer Julie Plec tells us in this week's Vampire Diaries Bite.

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So if Caroline remains devoted to Tyler, does this mean Plec has plans to bring him back for good? She says viewers will know their intentions by the season's end.

"The question of Tyler's safety and security all links to Klaus, whose journey over the course of the season has been struggling between ego and anger and all of the bad sides of him set against this genuine affection he has for Caroline and really the love he has for her," Plec says. "In the finale, we'll get a sense of what stand [Klaus is] going to take as it relates to Tyler."

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