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When The Vampire Diaries left off, Mystic Falls experienced a minor massacre, this time leaving Matt Donovan almost dead. With vampire Caroline at his side to feed him blood, Matt was restored to life, but not before realizing a bit of truth about his blood-sucking ex-girlfriend. In Thursday's new episode (8/7c on CW), star Candice Accola, who plays Caroline, says viewers will get to see the conclusion of the life-changing conversation between her and Matt (Zach Roerig). Plus: Accola teases Klaus' anticipated arrival and Tyler's return.

Matt learned Caroline is a vampire — now what?  Poor Matt. After getting in the way of a glass shard, Caroline was forced to give Matt her blood in order to save him. Finally figuring out something is up in his hometown of Mystic Falls, Matt hears Caroline utter the words, "I'm a vampire." So what's next for the on-again off-again couple now that he's finally learned some truth? "When we come back we're going to see how the end of that conversation went," Accola says. "He was freaking out, but we don't really know how that came together, what his final reaction was, if he did calm down, if he told anyone or didn't tell anyone, or if he already knows something that he's been hiding. Endless possibilities abound."

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Will Matt forgive Caroline for lying? Accola says that the conflict will absolutely be addressed: "Even if it is, 'I'm lying to protect you,' it's still a relationship built on lying ... I can tell you there will be moments where they have to talk about it."

Does Caroline want to turn Matt? Accola admits that she personally would love to see him turn, but that her character Caroline knows it's nothing but a curse. "Caroline did not ask to become a vampire ... and it was a very traumatic experience. If it was the first season version of her, she would've [wanted to], but now she's gained so much perspective," she says. "She's put other people before herself and she wouldn't wish that upon Matt just because that would make life easier for her."

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Here comes Klaus. Before the upcoming April 21 episode, Klaus, played by Joseph Morgan, is still a faceless name that conjures up a ton of fear and anxiety. Accola says those who were terrified when Katherine came to town ain't seen nothing yet. "If she's 10 steps ahead of everyone, Klaus is on the other side of the world — Klaus is on the moon!" she says. Luckily, we'll get some history lessons soon about who Klaus is and what he wants.

...but Joseph Morgan does not look scary! True. He may be friendly on Twitter, but Accola reminds us that "the scariest people never are very scary at first glance, that's what's so terrifying. They catch you off guard." Don't be fooled by the subtle mind games he'll play on the show. "There are so many tricks and interwoven guessing games that Klaus is playing on these characters," she says. "The audience is going to be on the same ride as all the other characters — they're not going to really know what to think."

What about Tyler? Last we saw the newbie werewolf he was taking off with Jules. But actor Michael Trevino has been seen around Atlanta so we know he's not too far from a return to Mystic Falls. Accola says the real mystery is why he comes back and who he's coming back to see. Unfortunately, she says, "You won't find that answer out for a couple of weeks."

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