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Now that Stefan has shown he'll do everything — even putting Elena in grave danger — to beat Klaus, we're left wondering if this war between the two will ever be settled. Reeling with questions after watching this week's episode The Vampire Diaries, titled "Our Town," checked in to find out what Klaus' next move will be and if he and Caroline are headed toward romance. Plus: Is Jeremy gone for good?

The Vampire Diaries episode recap: Our Town

Klaus vs. Stefan
Executive producer Julie Plec tells us that Klaus will continue to "adjust his methods" after seeing Stefan adopt outrageous (and heart-stopping) tactics. "The fun was watching Klaus get thrown for a loop by the lengths Stefan was willing to go to and then how he wisely and cleverly adapts to the situation. In spite of having lost the battle with Stefan in that episode, he's certainly not giving up on the war. He's just adopting a different approach and we'll get to see Klaus as a cunning manipulator more than the in-your-face-violence, take-no-prisoners villain."

Klaus and ... Caroline?
We're just as surprised and baffled as you are, but both Candice Accola and Joseph Morgan say not so fast to a new relationship. "He's interested ... but I think it's more of an infatuation at the moment," Morgan says. "Here's an attractive, sassy young vampire and he's been around for 1,000 years so it's rare he gets to see something new and something that excites him. Maybe at the moment he sees his role as a more of a mentor, but there's definitely potential there to grow into something else. There's something there — there's a spark." Accola adds, "There's something to be said about a female character taking some time and having some boundaries," she says. "Caroline's big journey [right now] is trying to find a sense of normalcy and now that Caroline really has a grasp of her vampirism and need for blood, that's really the [path] she's on, to be normal."

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When will Rebekah re-emerge?
Klaus is in possession of his sister's body, but will she be undaggered any time soon? Plec tells us: "Rebekah won't be down for the count for long, but Klaus is terrified of undaggering her and so he's going to have to get past that before we see her come back to life. He did some terrible things in his past that he learned she knows so it's going to take him some work before he feels comfortable pulling that dagger out of her. Certainly, when that does happen, she's certainly not going to be any fan of Elena Gilbert, so the struggle of wills they had earlier in the season will be back with a vengeance and Rebekah is going to want to try to take Elena down a little for stabbing her in the back."

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Can Caroline ever trust Tyler again?
Just as the two were headed toward a reconciliation, Tyler subconsciously [and almost fatally] bit her. Accola says: "Caroline is [not] ready to trust just yet. She's still a hopeless romantic at heart so she can possibly find herself falling into that trust, but I don't know how substantial it would be in the long run."

Damon and Elena
Will Elena ever really choose between the Salvatores? Plec acknowledges that her relationship with both of these brothers is complicated (you think?) and confusing. "Not many women are plagued with or blessed with — depending on how you want to look at it — feelings for two people at the same time. I think she has a lot of things to think about as how she's going to proceed in her romantic life in this world where Stefan and Damon Salvatore still exist."

Alaric's ring
On the midseason return, Alaric realized that he's not immune to death despite his safety ring. "Alaric's incident with his ring is an indication that there is no such thing as being truly protected," Plec says. "Elena feels like, 'I've been taking this ring for granted in that the people I love and my family will be protected from the supernatural violence' and that isn't necessarily true anymore so that also throws her for a loop. We're going to be wondering do the rings have a shelf life?"

Is Jeremy gone for good?
In Thursday night's episode, the group sent Jeremy off to Denver, but Plec says viewers need not worry that he'll be gone for good. "There is no chance in hell that Elena Gilbert has lost her little brother forever," she says, "but when we'll see him back in Mystic Falls remains a mystery."

Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams