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If you're like us, you still haven't accepted the news that Nina Dobrev is leaving The Vampire Diaries. Fortunately, we have plenty of video interviews with her to watch over and over again before her final moment is upon us.

6 ways Elena can leave The Vampire Diaries

From cast superlatives (who's the biggest prankster?) to Dobrev's thoughts on Damon and Elena's "epic love" and everything in between, relive the good times below!

Nina plays superlatives

Nina on Elena and Damon: "You want what you can't have"

Nina dishes on the Season 2 finale

The cast reacts to the Season 3 finale

On the set with Nina for Season 4

Shag, Marry, Stake: The Vampire Diaries edition

Nina teases the Season 4 battle between Elena and Katherine

Nina dissects the emotional Season 5 finale

On the set: How will Elena react to Damon's return?

Behind the scenes of the Season 6 holiday episode

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