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The Vampire Diaries has finally gotten around to the story of Tyler Lockwood's painful transformation into a werewolf. Executive producer Julie Plec says that Thursday's episode, "By The Light of the Moon," is "the final piece to what he's been going through."

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"One of the things we had to do was make the mythology as personal as we could," Plec says. "In the beginning it was just folklore legend. The sun-and-the-moon curse didn't really have an impact on our heroes. It was just informative, but it had a direct and very profound [effect] on how Tyler's journey was going to work itself out."

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We now know that Tyler is but a piece of the puzzle that Klaus needs to break the vampire curse sealed by the blood of Elena's ancestors. "Once it became personalized to Elena and she realized she was at the center of this curse, now suddenly it's very much a human story of a girl trying to balance, 'How do I save and protect the people I love? Is the right thing to do here to be a martyr? I've got all these people in my life willing to die for me; can I do the same for them?'" Plec says.

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