The Vampire Diaries' Jeremy Gilbert is leaving Mystic Falls - for good - but not without a proper goodbye.

On Thursday's episode, the one-time spiky-haired, brooding younger brother-turned-loyal, buff vampire hunter takes off for art school. Off-camera, Steven R. McQueen, who's been with the show since its 2009 premiere, is exiting the series. "[He's] all grown-up and ready to move on," executive producer Julie Plec told last month. "We got him a cake and dressed as superheroes and gave him a big party!"

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Watch the video, which highlights some pivotal moments including Jeremy's discovery that Vicki was a vampire, coming into his own as a hunter and kissing Bonnie. Not to mention a quick shirtless scene, of course. Now the final question remains: Will he and Bon Bon reunite before he leaves? Check back for scoop on her return!

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