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Did The Vampire Diaries' Elena Gilbert finally have a happy ending? It seems that way — for now.

On the Season 4 finale, Mystic Falls' leading lady confessed her love for Damon (Ian Somerhalder), beat her doppelganger Katherine (Nina Dobrev) at her own game by making her mortal, and even got her brother, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), back. So is Dobrev hopeful for her character's immediate future?

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"The thing about our show is that it can change on a dime," Dobrev told at The CW upfront red carpet. "I really like playing a lighter Elena so hopefully going to college will bring out her fun and frisky side."

In the video below, Dobrev talks about the run of emotions that Elena has had this season and how fun — albeit challenging — it was for the two characters she plays to go head-to-head.

What did you think of The Vampire Diaries season finale? Are you happy that Delena is back together? Are you excited (or nervous) for Paul Wesley's new journey as Silas' shadow self? Did graduation make you teary? And are you sad that Bonnie (Kat Graham) is really dead? Share your comments below.

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