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Elena's world is about to be turned upside down on The Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale.

In last week's episode, Alaric, who's on the loose, revealed to the Council that Mayor Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes' kids are supernatural beings. And while Elena was finally safe from Klaus' capture (oh, and the Original has been desiccated), the hour ended with her mysteriously falling to the floor with blood dripping from her nose. On Thursday's season finale (8/7c, CW), Elena's faint state will cause her to flash back to somewhat happier times, but when she's snapped back to present day, things ultimately take an extreme turn.

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Check out our five biggest teases for "The Departed:"

1. Elena's head problems are only just beginning.
While Elena appears to recover from her mysterious fainting spell, her injuries are far worse than her doctor lets on. If she only knew that the result of her treatment will affect her for the rest of her life.

2. We will see Klaus again.
There's no way that getting rid of Klaus would be so simple, especially when the boys are called back to town so soon after taking off with his body. Immediately following the events in this clip, we'll see what Klaus has become, and Bonnie, who could use some major closure, will get some alone time to say her piece.

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3. Elena's and Matt's accidents will look familiar.
The flashback of the Gilbert family accident and Matt and Elena's upcoming crash will intertwine in a way that illustrates just how similar the two life-altering events are. But more importantly, in the current one, Elena's actions during the accident will have deadly consequences.

4. A rival will come out of left field.
One of the group's very own will make an unforeseen turn to the darker side - but it won't be without a major reason, perhaps having to do with their love for someone else. And the scene in question involves two characters who have never shared a one-on-one scene together.

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5. You'll cry.
The end of Season 2 made your jaw drop (Stefan becomes a ripper! Jeremy can see dead people?!), but this time around, you'll be crying. Not only will the final scene leave you gasping for air (shocking, we know), but the moments leading up to those last seconds are heartbreaking.

Watch this week's Vampire Diaries Bite for the poll results of who Elena should choose:

Vampire Diaries Bite 3x22: Who is Elena locking lips with in the finale?

Vampire Diaries Bite 3x22: Who is Elena locking lips with in the finale?