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The Vampire Diaries' new vamp Elena finally let loose on Thursday's episode, but she ultimately stopped herself from going over the edge. But was that short-lived glimpse of a wild Elena more fun than the even-keeled, loyal and — dare we say — slightly boring girl we've seen over the past three seasons?

Now that Elena has had a taste for blood and losing control, here's what we'd like to see during her first year as a vampire.

1. Meaningless vamp sex
Don't get us wrong — we still love her with either Stefan or Damon, but both Salvatore brothers have had indiscretions with Elena and take advantage of her forgiving ways. So it's about time that Elena get busy with someone completely random (preferably outside the tightknit circle) if only to make Stefan and Damon green with envy. Trust us — that'll have them pining over her again in no timeVampire Diaries Video: Joseph Morgan says we'll learn "huge secret" In Thursday's flashback

2. Make her first kill
The show has only delayed the inevitable here. As Damon pointed out, Elena is now a predatory species, so she may as well get this over with! We vote for one of Klaus' mean minions.

3. Dance more
As we saw in the Season 3 finale flashback, there was a time when cheerleader Elena danced around her room to Pink. Not to mention, she definitely enjoyed jumping around with Damon during this week's frat party. C'mon, she even did a keg stand this season! So pump up the music and let this girl enjoy herself

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4. Make us laugh
Damon spits out his one-liners, Caroline has her quick wit and even Elijah likes to toss in some modern-day slang (OMG!). But Elena? A wisecracker she is not. We hope the fresh blood will give her some material.

5. Stop caring about others so much
Yes, Elena's compassion for others is what drives her, but a girl's got to look out for No. 1 once in a while. I mean, she died so that Matt could live! That's just one of the countless times she's risked her life for others. Then there are the times when she tries to put herself first or do something bold, but gets guilt-tripped into feeling like she's doing something wrong. Follow your instinct, stop protecting everyone's feelings and don't apologize for it!

What would you like to see Elena do this season?

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